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The Nice Taking – The Unhealthy Crypto Podcast

We’ve been speaking about The Nice Reset for years. Designed to strip regular residents of energy and privateness, the worldwide elite have their eyes set on making themselves Kings and Queens of the trendy period. You and I, we’re to be serfs. And we will eat bugs and prefer it.

But when the world had been to transition to this last section of dystopia, how wouldn’t it happen?  A ebook titled The Nice Taking by David Rogers Webb gives eventualities wherein it would all unfold. You may say it’s a blueprint for world domination.

We provide you with our tackle The Nice Taking right now on our “Hey, we are able to’t all be Kings and Queens, so suck it” episode #696 of The Unhealthy Crypto Podcast



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Here’s a detailed ebook report summarizing the important thing themes and ideas in The Nice Taking by David Rogers Webb


Monetary Crises Are Intentionally Prompted

– Velocity of Cash Collapses Previous to Crises: The speed of cash, which measures how usually a unit of forex circulates within the financial system, collapsed previous to main monetary crises just like the Nice Despair. This implies the crises are predictable and avoidable.

– Central Banks Tighten Situations Regardless of Weak spot: Within the lead as much as monetary panics, central banks just like the Federal Reserve tightened circumstances and allowed banks to fail, regardless of having energy to offer liquidity and avert runs on banks. This deliberate coverage worsened crises. 

– Disinformation Campaigns Confuse Public: Authorities statistics had been intentionally corrupted and false narratives promoted within the media to cover financial weak spot, gasoline bubbles, and confuse the general public previous to engineered crashes.

Securities Possession Has Been Undermined 

– Dematerialization Permits Confiscation: The method of eliminating paper inventory certificates, advocated by the CIA within the Nineteen Sixties, enabled pooling of securities and weakened investor protections. This allowed consumer property to be taken by collectors.

– Safety Entitlement Replaces Possession: Authorized reforms like modifications to the Uniform Business Code changed possession of securities with weakened “safety entitlements” that present little property rights safety in insolvency.

– Collateral Plundered by way of CSDs and ICSDs: Central Securities Depositories and Worldwide Central Securities Depositories had been developed to extend mobility of collateral into the derivatives advanced for plunder throughout crises.

All Property Will Be Confiscated and Residents Enslaved

– Financial institution Holidays Permit Selective Closures: As in the course of the Nice Despair, upcoming “financial institution holidays” will selectively shut banks and confiscate deposits, eliminating resistance and funneling property to elites.

– Derivatives System Concentrates Dangers: The large derivatives advanced concentrates systemic danger in undercapitalized clearinghouses and banks designed to break down, triggering bail-ins that seize consumer property.

– Central Financial institution Digital Currencies Impose Whole Management: The elimination of money and imposition of digital currencies will enable unelected central banks to observe all transactions and engineer circumstances that may forcibly divest all property.

These are the important thing themes and ideas I gathered from my studying of The Nice Taking. Let me know if you want me to elaborate on any a part of the abstract additional.


  • The creator has labored in finance and investing for a few years and got here to comprehend that main financial crises are deliberately attributable to a secretive group of highly effective individuals who management central banks and the monetary system. Their goal is to consolidate energy and management humanity by orchestrated financial turmoil and deprivation.
  • The plan entails dematerializing securities so that they exist solely digitally, eliminating private possession rights. This permits property to be seized simply in a disaster. Authorized constructs like “safety entitlements” have eliminated property rights globally.
  • Collapse in financial velocity, like within the Nineteen Thirties despair, indicators the top of a debt cycle. This collapse is once more underway, possible motivating the “Nice Reset” plan for a brand new international financial system benefiting the few. The creator goals to elucidate the hidden machinations main to a different “Nice Taking” of public wealth.
  1. Introduction
  • Velocity of cash has collapsed, simply as earlier than main crises within the early 1900s and Nineteen Thirties. In the present day’s velocity is decrease than in the course of the Nice Despair.
  • When cash printing fails to create progress, velocity drops. The Fed has created epic bubbles disconnected from the true financial system. Velocity gained’t get well, presaging an unavoidable despair and “Nice Taking” of collateral.
  1. Dematerialization
  • Eliminating paper securities in favor of digital “book-entry” methods was a key first step, orchestrated globally by central bankers and governments. This allowed straightforward confiscation of securities.

III. Safety Entitlement

  • Securities now not confer possession rights. The general public has solely weak contractual claims that provide no safety in insolvency. in the meantime, legal guidelines affirm sure “protected” collectors can seize property immediately.
  • Authorized modifications have eradicated centuries of property rights. Publicly owned securities are encumbered for derivatives hypothesis. Trillions in losses will enable mass seizure of collateral.
  1. Harmonization
  • Governments and regulators have pushed to increase collateral for derivatives and take away authorized uncertainties globally by legal guidelines, treaties and linkage of clearing methods.
  • Native legal guidelines upholding investor possession have been overridden. EU paperwork present the targets are growing collateral property and authorized certainty for collectors.
  1. Collateral Administration
  • New methods optimize utilizing all securities as collateral. Cross-border sweeps to CCPs are prepared for the approaching crash. This engineered “demand for collateral” facilitates the Nice Taking.
  1. Secure Harbor
  • Chapter regulation modifications defend derivatives counterparties. This affirmed the 2008 seizures of consumer property by collectors like JPMorgan had been legally legitimate, cementing the plot.

VII. Central Clearing Events

  • Undercapitalized CCPs are designed to fail in a disaster. New entities will instantly take collateral, together with from segregated accounts. Quotes affirm the CCP assemble ensures this end result.

VIII. Financial institution Vacation

  • As in 1933, closures will consolidate banking and confiscate deposits. Crossed rivers of deposits into derivatives subsidiaries enable separate failures. CBDC will restore funds underneath complete surveillance.
  1. The Nice Deflation
  • Persistent deflation ensures money owed can’t be repaid after the “The whole lot Bubble” pops, facilitating mass seizure of collateral and dramatic improve in centralized management. That is the plan.
  1. Conclusion
  • Trillions in losses from centrally engineered bubbles and disaster will enable the Nice Taking by predetermined authorized and monetary mechanisms. But when humanity awakens to the scheme, we are able to avert this disaster.

The important thing factors are {that a} centralized cabal has intentionally engineered international monetary instability as a way to finally implement mass confiscation of wealth, property and collateral throughout a managed financial collapse. This may in flip enable unprecedented management over humanity. However publicity of their plan presents hope that the general public can resist this end result and regain management over the monetary system if consciousness spreads.


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